With Halloween ???? fast approaching, be encouraged to create themed foods that are not only healthy, but tasty, too! This Halloween themed salad of Forbidden (BLACK) Rice 〰 (ORANGE) Mango????, Edamame ????, and a BITE with Jalapeño!???? VEGAN unless you add BLACKENED Salmon Medallions (as pictured)

Mornings are never bad when adding sautéed mushrooms and lentils to your eggs Benedict on a bagel

Straight from the farmers market are these organic Delicata Squash and Dragon's Tongue Beans! Can't wait to use...????????????

#glutenfree Portobello Mushroom #breakfastsandwich with #smokedsalmon

Wonderful meeting you, and a great night with @marcuslemonis #inthespotlightwithmarcus

Sometimes snack time can be fun! With so many options with textures and flavors, weekend experimentation is sweetened by the fact you get to eat your efforts!

I had a pleasant surprise on #nationalcoffeeday with this #organic #darkroast Atmospheric Blend #coffee from @bonsai_beans These beans, with their naturally looking wet/oily coating, have the most aromatic and pleasant coffee smell and when brewed, carry a balanced flavor, low on acidity, rich in flavor. I encourage everyone to experiment once in a while with a local or out of state blend. It might just surprise you!

...and to think I thought it was the *food* keeping my staff happy! It was a pleasure hearing this master spinning live!! #inthespotlightwithmarcus

Tilapia #ceviche

What do you mean "Chef, we still have a 1/4 wheel Brillat-Savarin (Triple Cream Brie) and a stick of Salted Butter"? Has staff meal been served? #foodporn for #latenight #sunday

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