Vegan Pulled “Pork”


Many catering requests are now including alternate dietary restrictions. Vegan cuisine is becoming more mainstream and more widely available. The popularity of vegetarian cuisine is now broadening to include vegan as well as gluten free foods. Citron Catering’s menus include Vegan and Gluten Free options, which address these requests. The ingredients I look for when entertaining these requests usually derive from one form of soy based product or another. But when I discover a recipe that goes one step beyond, it’s exciting! To find not only the flavor profile, but the texture of a food is like hitting the jackpot…or in this case, jackfruit. Jackfruit, a tropical fruit found in Southeast Asia, Brazil and Africa, is usually found canned here in the States.

With some spices and some time in the oven, the texture and flavor of this fruit can replicate that of Pulled Pork! Make Jackfruit Sliders or a BBQ Pulled “Pork” Sandwich. Depending on whether you want to have a gluten free option or not will determine the type of sauce you make with it. I like adding onions, garlic cloves, smoked sea salt and cayenne pepper just to name a few ingredients.

Typically, I would sauté the jackfruit, then baking it before serving to enhance that “pork” texture. It’s a lot lower in calories, fat and really pleases those that are not eating pork in their diet.