Did You Know (DYK):
With people aiming to stay healthy, simple changes in the ingredients you use can make a world of difference. Did you know that by switching out Iceberg Lettuce for Romaine Lettuce the vitamin benefit is substantially noticeable? Romaine Lettuce has OVER 17 times the Vitamin A and more than 4 times the Vitamin K!!

Storing and preparing lettuces will also increase both it’s shelf life and flavor profile. Unless you pick up a bag of cut, pre-washed lettuces most often seen as a convenience in the produce section, whole lettuce heads should be free of blemishes, dark spots and slimy spots. Some of the outermost leaves are bitter and therefore need to be discarded. An important note about storage, keep lettuces away from fruits. Apples, bananas, pears and other fruits are ethylene-producing, which may accelerate the lettuce leaves to turn brown.

Selecting organic lettuces or browsing your local farmers markets, will not only help you avoid pesticide consumption, but allow you to try lettuce alternatives. For instance, we recently used a Red Heirloom Spinach leaf in one of salads to create a contrast with color. Many of our salads offer a variety of lettuces. Our Citron Catering Field of Greens with Lemon-Zest Dressing is one example of how we introduce lettuce options. We add shaved fennel, raspberries and mandarin orange segments. This makes for a refreshing starter.

Many farmers markets allow you to hand select your own custom mix. Pick up some mizuna (mild peppery taste), tatsoi (soft, creamy texture), frisée (bitter), chervil (mild aniseed or licorice taste) or any other combinations to create your own gourmet salad mix!