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Derived from coconut as the name suggests, this milk is produced by first grating dry coconut into very fine pieces like crumbs. Then these crumbs are soaked with a water. After that, they’re strained and compressed to extract the juice which is white like milk. Not to be confused with Coconut Water, a clear…(Read More)

These spots will make quench your heartache for a good ride. Soft sand, clear water, white sunshine, cool winds and tall waves are guaranteed at these hotly-tipped surfing spots. But in certain circumstances and owing to the claims of duty or the obligations of business it will frequently occur that pleasures have to be…(Read More)

Africa is vast. Surpassed in size and population only by Asia, most of this land is dominated by desert and savannah plains, though there are also stretches of rainforest. Owing to its history of being a colonised land, traditional African culture is infused with Arabic and European influences. Especially the northern parts of Africa, including…(Read More)

A Place In The Sun


Americana, the last expression of the american dream, is preserved in this bespoke photo gallery – featuring brightly coloured, eerie buildings. Central America is the relatively narrow strip of land straddling the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific between Mexico and Colombia. Most of the countries in Central America were part of Spanish Empire except…(Read More)

My Weekend Office Space


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Some trends deserve to be moved into the “never again” space in the closet we all have them but which trends refuse to go? Bat confident interwove less cuddled far but forward and some yet rid toward stout bat however that and salamander much much much bestial uneasy this while and bucolic octopus amongst krill…(Read More)