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Soup Shooter

Trendy Soup Shooters


There are many ways to jazz up your event. Soup shots, or shooters, are one of them. A fun and easy way to infuse many flavors into a quick shot, chilled or hot, for guests to enjoy. Soup shooters can be inspired by the theme of your event. Whether it’s a movie wrap party…(Read More)



Did You Know (DYK): With people aiming to stay healthy, simple changes in the ingredients you use can make a world of difference. Did you know that by switching out Iceberg Lettuce for Romaine Lettuce the vitamin benefit is substantially noticeable? Romaine Lettuce has OVER 17 times the Vitamin A and more than 4 times…(Read More)

Vegan Pulled “Pork”


Many catering requests are now including alternate dietary restrictions. Vegan cuisine is becoming more mainstream and more widely available. The popularity of vegetarian cuisine is now broadening to include vegan as well as gluten free foods. Citron Catering’s menus include Vegan and Gluten Free options, which address these requests. The ingredients I look for…(Read More)

Similar to Quinoa, this gluten-free seed originally from Peru is tiny in size but loaded with 16% protein and other nutritional benefits. Some of the many ways to use it are as a porridge, ground into a flour, coating for proteins or eaten as a salad…(Read More)